Fashion backward



Today, I wore this hat and it makes me feel quite special. Someone different, someone interesting, someone who has a story.

I suppose it is my story.

But it was someone else’s before I picked it up and bought it for £1.99.

If breathing was forgotten but our bodies continued to thrive

Would it be a fair argument to say that you are not alive?

I do like the way in which I dress, I think I’m quite versatile and people always comment on what is usually a good charity shop find. I suppose it’s one thing that I’ve always been quite proud of, my ability to dress for me. But I do sometimes dress for boys. Don’t we all to an extent?

If blinking was an art form, of which we couldn’t master

I wonder if we’d move our eyeballs faster…

I mean, it’s taking me a while to settle in to a style, and I do like to switch it up. Growing up I was sometimes insulted for my, lets say ‘unique‘ sense of style. But I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else, I was never one of those girls who would dress up in the exact same clothes as their best friend. But I suppose I never had one.

If eating was optional, and we no longer had to feed

I imagine my stomach would bleed.


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