pretty for a black girl.


Tell me again about how I am pretty for a black girl

Will you validate my existence, stranger?

Tell me more about how you know that I must have a really big ‘booty’

Divulge me

Indulge me

Educate me on how you have never slept with a black girl

Am I an experience?

A free ticket to Alton Towers, a weekend go-karting, parachuting in the District?

You believe that I am going to reply to your statement with ‘YOU are in for a treat’

Wink face.

Please tell me about how much you love, love, love Jamaican food

We weren’t having that discussion but you think I’m going to be really impressed

Wow, you are cultured!

Inform me about how my large lips must mean that I give great head.

My brown features, my brown skin, my brown identity

Is not here for your sexual experimentation

We’ve become caricatures for societies fantasies

White girls want our features, white boys want us to twerk in bed but white society won’t defend us.

It’s tremendous.

When I was younger, I used to think that being told I was an attractive black girl was somewhat of a compliment. A competition that I had never entered and yet somehow won. My own insecurities at that awkward teenage time stopped me from questioning them. Wow, really am I? I always felt awkward in my skin, I wanted my nose slimmer, my lips smaller, my skin lighter… so being told I was pretty for a black girl was a triumph surely. Or just a way to keep me in line. Would that mean that I would never be as pretty as a white girl? I’ve finally grown comfortable in the skin that I am in. The skin my mother coated me in. This thick and yet fragile, strong and agile brown skin.



2 thoughts on “pretty for a black girl.

  1. Words spoken without proper thoughts. Can cause harm. Black woman are beautiful. In this big world. The beauty of the black spirit is everywhere. I believe every race had strength and weaknesses. The strength of the black race is needed. They are the strength and founation of our world to make this world know peace. I tell the black youth I work with. Know your background. You came from powerful and strong people. I like the old saying. Black is beautiful. It is.

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