I am

I’m looking at her, and she’s staring straight back at me

Vacant eyed and expressionless

I motion my hand before her face

She doesn’t flinch

She doesn’t move, not one inch

What does she want and why is she here?

Why when I close my eyes does she not disappear?

I touch her and she accepts

I wrap my palm around her cheek and give it a sharp smack

She raises her arm and does it back

I stumble, bewildered

I move a strand of hair from by her eye

She blinks back absently


She raises her arm and gently tucks a strand of hair behind my ear

She opens her mouth

Here comes the fear
I am




I am


Ships in the night


we watched the ships come in and we sat on the marble steps

ice cream cones and there was this ship

this huge ship just looming over us

I’ll never forget us

I’ll never forget the way your hair forgot to curl in certain places

or the excitement on your face when you were talking about something you loved

I wish I could have that enthusiasm

we sat on my stone garden steps and watched the dog in the window

you told me about the origin of ants and I just thought, wow, you know a lot about nothing

we said we would miss this place

sweet potato and paneer, I wish you were here

I’m sorry that this wasn’t perfect.



With bated breath, I bide my time and wait for life  to start

For something good will grow from me, I feel this in my heart

Perhaps an extra organ will emerge over night and complete the jigsaw puzzle

Seep energy through my bloodstream and slip into my muscle

Then I will grow stronger, and wiser too

I’ll finally do all the things I know I was born to do

Like a Mountain Ash, I’ll stand tall above the rest

Sprout nature and wear this upon my naked breast

I’ll force my roots from uncertain grounds

A life force, a being, a woman profound

And I will search from mountain to sea

And find the beauty that I know I can be.